Marusia Smart Shopping Bags are the latest kind of shopping bags for fashionable and trendy shoppers. These bags are a combination of so many things in one. They are convenient and very easy to use, durable, compact, reusable and environment-friendly. Marusia Smart Shopping Bags consist of four bags of different sizes which are connected together with Velcro along integrated rails. When shopping, you can easily rack them open and upright and then stretch them out in the shopping trolley for your maximum shopping convenience. You can also do your sorting easily by placing similar items in different bags while shopping. Bags are connected together at the Velcro rails and come with strong handles and mesh bottoms which makes it possible for them to stand upright in the trolley and in the boot of your car without support. They are extra strong as they are made of 120g non-woven fabric that can’t be ripped easily. You can shop faster with them and you no longer need to carry many bags.

What is more? The Marusia Smart Shopping Bags are eco-friendly. This implies that you don’t just use them once and throw them away like other plastic bags, NO! They are not plastic bags, so you can use them over and over and over again for as long as you wish. These bags therefore gives you the opportunity to help save and preserve our environment. All you need do is use-wash-and-use again.

With Marusia Smart Shopping Bags, your shopping experience is about to be transformed, you would have fun, become the envy of other buyers in the supermarket and you will even wish to go shopping every other day. It is bye-bye to boring shopping, now you can shop with swag and have fun too with your Marusia Smart Shopping Bags.

Marusia Smart Shopping bags size

Orange     53cm x 26cm x 50cm

Green       49cm x 23cm x 50cm

Red           41cm x 20cm x 46cm

Blue          35cm x 20cm x 42cm

The rods of each bag are 65 cm long.