How It Works?

hang your bags on the back of the cart and shop as usual

after you have emptied the cart at checkout , put your bags in a cart

expand your bags along the entire length of your cart & pack your purchases with two hands

your bags are connected by Velcro & can be easily disconnected to take them to your car

Why Our Marusia: Smart Shopping Bags The Best?

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    These 4 bags can be neatly rolled into a carry-able parcel so that you can easily take them with you into the store. When you are heading to the store just to pick up a few things, take one or two bags with you. At the same time you have the flexibility of taking all 4 bags when you plan on filling the whole trolley

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    The bags feature strong handles and mesh bottoms so that you can carry the groceries effortlessly from the car to your house. Each bag can be connected with one another while in the cart and can be separated later when you are transferring all the stuff from your car to the house

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    These 4 reusable cart bags are made of new extra strong nonwowen fabric and mesh component is made from the same netting that can be found in travel cots, ensuring optimum strength

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    With Marusia Smart Shopping Bags, your shopping experience is about to be transformed, you would have fun, become the envy of other buyers in the supermarket and you will even wish to go shopping every other day. It is bye-bye to boring shopping, now you can shop with swag and have fun

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    These Set of 4 Reusable Crocery bags are also safe for the environment, so by using them you will not only make your life easier but also contribute towards an environmentally friendly world

  • q-iconWhat are Smart Shopping Bags made from?

    The material part of the bag is made from the same non-woven material as similar bags. The mesh component is made from the same netting that can be found in travel cots, ensuring optimum strength.

  • q-iconCan Smart Shopping Bags be washed?

    Yes. The plastic rods can be removed through the openings on each bag, and the bags can be machine washed. All you need do is use-wash-and-use again.

  • q-iconWhat size trolleys do they fit into?

    As long as the trolley you are using does not exceed 25 inches in width, which is the width of the rods at the tops of the Smart Shopping Bags, then they will work perfectly fine. Suitable for Standart trolley(carts) width up to 25 inches — Kroger, Publix, Winn-Dixie, etc.

  • q-iconWhat weight can each bag hold?

    We do not specify an exact weight that the bags can hold. However, we are confident in saying that each bag will be able to hold what you are prepared to carry. For your convenience, we recommend that you put heavy things with the blue bag , and light in the orange.

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